The Osbournes Slots machine was a relatively unique Slots machine based around the television show, The Osbournes. “Gambling” as with most gambling related games, the basic set up is the same. Pulling the handle will activate the slots to spin and halt on various graphical images, which consist of: Ozzy Osbourne, the “Gambling Champ”, hanging from a noose given by a pigeon, the Osbournes themselves laying on the desert ground with a sign in the background reading “You Are Here”. These are all the basics of a casino game right? Well, maybe not, In this article I will discuss and give my opinion on why the Osbournes Slots machine is not as popular as it once was.

The reason why The Osbournes is not as popular as some of the other slot machines that exist today is because the game requires skill. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about or think the game requires luck, then let me explain. When you pull the handle on the Slots machine you are dealing with a wild symbol. If the symbol is a “C” then it means you have an extra symbol to place on your hand, if the symbol is a “G” then you have a bonus space available, and so on and so forth.

You can do all this by looking at the symbols on the reels and deciding if you would like to move your symbol to an open slot, or a close slot. If you move your symbol to an open slot you will get an extra “C” or an extra bonus space. If you move your symbol to a close slot, you will get a “G” for your effort, and if you want to go home with the big money then you can end up winning a jackpot the hard way. You can do all this because slot machines are based on mathematics; you don’t have to be a genius, you just need to know how to count the number of symbols on the slots. While this may not seem all that difficult, but when you are in the casino you should always expect the unexpected, and if you do your math properly you can come out ahead.

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