King Billy Casino

King Billy Casino Review


King Billy Casino is a leader in the online casino scene. But King Billy also stands out because of its generous signup bonus, special daily promos, and top VIP privileges. At the onset, you will get the royal treatment by way of the generous King Billy welcome bonus of up to 1000 (or equivalent in AUS/NZ dollars) deposited straight into your account. This is in addition to the regular casino gaming benefits you will enjoy.


This review concentrates on the more popular slots games offered at King Billy Casino

You might want to read some reviews of other casinos before going ahead with this one. In this review, I will focus on the games I know and love. My hopes and expectations for this slot machine are based on my experience of playing it at numerous casinos. I will review the different slot games offered at King Billy, in no particular order.

The “Big House” is a traditional slot machine that offers a maximum of two coins per game. This casino review focuses on the entire catalog of King Billy’s Big House. The graphics for this machine are charming, and it even includes a sound effect for when the ball falls through the hole and bounces out again. In addition to being fun, the Big House slots pay well, so expect to make a reasonable amount of money if you play the Big House often. Unfortunately, this is the only slot machine offered at the King Billy Casino.

The “Cavern” is another classic King Billy casino offering. In this game, players stand around a brightly colored glowing ball inside of a darker colored tunnel. When the ball rolls across the bottom of the tunnel towards the light on the other side, it stops. If you get the timing right, then you have a double bonus, since you can hit the ball again as it rolls by the light and then again when it stops.

“Cryptocoryne” is a new offering from King Billy that is not among their previous Cryptocoryne games powered by Cryptograms software providers. “cryptocoryne” takes a different approach than previous Cryptograms offerings in that you must time your click to play. In this case, you don’t get the flashing animation seen with earlier versions. Instead, a series of letters vertically appear on the screen and the words “Cryptocoryne” flash up on the screen.


KingBilly’s Big House that is not featured on their online casino site

“BIG HILF” is another offering from King Billy’s Big House that is not featured on their online casino site. “BIG HILF” is a simple text-based game where players select words that appear in the haywire. A player’s word that is chosen is the color that is used in that haywire. Also, “BIG HILF” is a competitive game that pits two teams against each other in an attempt to be the first team to make the other lose all their coins in a single round of play.

The” Netsurf” series continues to entice with King Billy Casino’s Netent series. This one is the third installment in the Netent series and features an all-new drag and drop interface. It can also be played with players around the world for up to four-player action. Players can bet from one to four stakes depending on the stakes of the game.

All in all, “The King Billy Casino: The Genesis” is a decent game for players looking for a simple desktop version of a live casino poker game. It offers a simple concept with a good base of skills for online players. The graphics are not spectacular, but the concept is easy to understand. The fact that this version of King Billy Casino has a fund-raising campaign to back up its claims makes this a worthy download for people who like a good online casino game with a little bit of strategy to it.